Tuesday, January 27, 2015

3d Triathlon DX Contest...

February 7 
we run the 3d  
Triathlon DX Contest.

The 3 major modes in row.

A challenge for all.

Read rules and take part on the game....!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Remote RX servers are back...!!!

My remote RX servers are back today. It takes me long time to to make a good rearrangement and some antenna improvements. Now looks to be all OK.
Both SDRs (HF and VHF-UHF) are on-line on http://v2.sdr-radio.com/, and also SV5KKR's (my son's Manos) FT-817 at http://www.remotehams.com/.

For info  and "how to" see my previous posts:


Friday, January 16, 2015

EP6T DXpedition

EP6T 17-26 JAN 2015 KISH ISLAND IOTA AS-166 


Thursday morning, three years after our first contact in Iran, members of the Rockall Dx Group will be leaving Brussels at 12 o’clock local time. Flying to Teheran (via Moscow) where we have to change airport for the domestic flight to Kish Island AS-166. We have 30 fully packed suitcases filled with radio equipment and antennas. Radios will be carried as hand luggage which leaves about 6 kg of personal stuff for each operator.
We expect arrival on Kish island January 16th early morning. As soon as we have approval from the local police we can start building antennas. Priority will be lowband TX. 40m four-square and Hexbeams setting up the equipment in the shack is planned after sunset. EP6T will probably be going on air early morning of January 17th, but remember that we have not been sleeping for 36 hours at that time! Lowband RX antennas and 10m yagi will go up during the next day. We will be off air for a few hours to finish the station setup.
There will be two groups of 5 people operating in 4 hour shifts, around the clock. Again we want to ask people in Europe and Asia for your cooperation when we have propagation to North America, since this is the most difficult path on all bands. Listen to the operators instructions, and we will all be enjoying the pile ups.
There has been some deliberate QRM on 80 meters during the last months, the EP6T operators are aware of this, so turn your VFO away from the QRM and maybe you will find us calling a little bit below or above our announced frequency.
On Top Band we may be listening 1803 – 1810 for NA if EU/AS signals are causing too much trouble. Again, listen to the operators instructions.
We would like some signal reports from NA on 10 and 160m. Please send these reports via ep6t@rockall.be so we can adjust according to propagation openings. We will have daily updates from our pilots. If you want to know the best time to work us, use the link to K6TU on our website. When we have internet access you will find pictures, updates and the online log as well. Don’t forget the donate button which gives you a free QSL card for your QSO with EP.
Social media is covered by Bjorn, ON9CFG, twitter #EP6T and on Facebook.
We would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to Dr Fard, Mrs. Mortazavi and our assistants in Iran helping us getting EP6T on air, without them this expedition would not be possible.
The Rockall Dx Group

My friend Kostas SV1DPI
member of DXpedition...!!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

160m this morning...

Great opening on 160 this morning...!!!

My antenna (a λ/4 dipole at 15m) it's still under test for more than 2 months but this morning propagation helps a lot. With noise at S3 was easy to hear USA's big guns. QSB was fair but long and I really enjoy it. 
All this week I will try to be QRV on daily basis on Top Band.
Hope to hear you there. 

Happy New Year to Alll...!!!!