Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's mine after 38 years...!!!

As young boy every night I dreamed a "Green Radio" to hear all that voices that they comes from the sea. The very first time when I saw it in a big boat at Karpathos island I fall in love with it and for many years I was looking to find it cheap to buy it. Just to listen the Chanel 16 in the shack. The prices all those year staying high and the sell places far from me to pay the shipping. A day, surfing to E-bay I find it to the German E-bay but the guy says no Shipping to Greece. 

The price was affordable and my dream so closed. I hit a bid and few days later I won...!!! My good friend Frank (DL8YHR) says (after my question) "No Problem" to send it the seller to him at Germany. A week later my box it travels from Germany to Rhodes with UPS. Thanks again Frank for you time and expenses. Few days before the box arrives and the baby comes out to the Greek light. Seller says that "the speaker is not working but you can hear something from headphone if you wish".  

So, I opened the cache and go directly to AF AMP. Some shorts with a speaker shows alive the PA IC, and then I focusing to the electrolytic capacitors. An 4700 μF refused to work and a brand new take its place. The warm bass sound of this radio comes out  making me smile...!!! 

My SAILOR RT144 VHF Marine Radiotelephone its back to life and now listen all ship and Coast Guard reports in all Eastern Mediterranean sea. Yesterday I was listening for a half hour the Port-Said canal control at Egypt with Q5.


  1. Congratulations, nice radio which seems to be in good condition cosmetically also!

    73, Sverre, LA3ZA