Thursday, April 10, 2014

ICOM IC-725 panadapter mod...

Last couple of months SV5PFC (Markos) ask me to make the modification that I promise to him, hoping to renew his radio totally. I've seen lot of similar ideas to Internet about several radios but no one for IC-725. Reading the manual I've seen thaT the IF it's on 70.450 MHz. Ahhaaa... this on the range that a RTL-SDR can tune so a tap point founded very quick reading the service manual this time.... The radio bottom cover must remove and if you search carefully comparing the next fotos you 'll spot the tap point easily. Q15 is the component you looking for...If you check your junk into the shack a ceramic 4.7 pF or near value will be around. Add capacitor in series for DC block.  I use the same antenna cable that comes with USB stick, cutting the exact dimension and making a direct soldering without using a connector on radio chassis. A ferrite bead before the connector of dongle's antenna is a must and maybe you can glue the plastic USB cover on the top of radio.

Here is the procedure in photos:

Then turn on radio and start SDR Console V2
and tune on 70.450 MHz

Now is time to enjoy your old radio as a new SDR radio
as shown at next video at SV5PFC's shack...

Modification is on your own risk
This is just a purpose with my very bad English...

73s Mike


  1. Followed the above for my IC-726, which is actually a 725 with a 6m board added and it works just fine.
    Thanks /\/\ike, hope to to see you on six shortly.

    73 Dick de G1CWP/G0LFF

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