Tuesday, August 13, 2013

J45EME EME DXpedition...

From june 23th -26th August DL8YHR, DM1CG and SV5BYR 
will be active from KM46ck.

Paper work is done and the 120 Kg of equipment arrived at Rhodes yesterday.

Details of our setup it's here:

50 MHz 23-26 August from moonrise till 15 degrees and from 15 degrees to moonset
Setup 7ele and legal power
TRX FT857 / TS2000 + SP6

144 MHz 23-26 August
Setup 1 x 14el XP DF7KF TX CPRH - RX p45 // M45
2 RXe TENTEC 526 + MKU LNA 144 and legal power

432 MHz moonpass 23-24 August 432.090
Setup 1 x 12el XP DF7KF and legal power
TRX TS2000 + SP70

1296 MHz moonpass 24-25 August 1296.090
Setup 2 x 48el TX CPRH - RX CPLH and legal power
TRX TS2000 + SP23 

We use 1 minute periods and J45EME will TX always first.

How to add us to the call3.txt file, look here.
Some tips to help us to qso with you, click here.
About QSL click here.
If you want to help us with sponsoring click here

  • Add J45EME and KM46 to your call3.
  • If you are not called or you get an NO decode – stop calling us.
  • After the RRR or a CQ J45EME KM46 feel free to call again.
  • We get the next station we decode after our RRR.
  • We will send several times OOO for one station – if we didn’t get RO΄s we will call CQ again.
SAE with enough postage for the way back to you
Joachim Werner
Kastanienstr. 21
18209 Bad Doberan

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