Thursday, June 7, 2012

SV5/DJ6SI court decision...

The indictment by the apprehesion was:
 1. Radio traffic without permission from Greece Gouvernment
 2. Transceiver with more as ham radio frequences
 3. refusal to gives the gear.

He is guiltless for the 1 and 2 (due to his  property as lisenced Radio Amateur) and guilty becuse he refuse to give his equipment to the authorities.
The lawyer ask for appeal and the court will make new trial in next time.

All this is a statment of his lawyer to me via phonecall. 

From my side no any comment except for my sadness about all this are written for my country. The case direct linked with the economical crisis and many people says alot.
Thanks to all my friends (old and new) for their support E-mails. 
Anyone of us can be "Baldur" any time  in anyplace. 

I try to think as the people like to support me if ever get this situation.

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  1. We had a group of Hams planning to travel to the islands. After reading about the German Ham, we have cancelled our plans for Greece. We understand the help the local Hams gave but the group feels its too risky at this point. The South Pacific looks much safer.