Friday, August 22, 2014

The last (?) 4m-6m opening...

All-day long today on 6m, 4m and few QSOs on 2m bands.Looks like to be the last (maybe) opening on my favorite bands. About 240 QSOs and few suprises...
4m map
4m-6m opening
My FT-847 without any mod for 4m operation gave 20 watts and draws about 25 Ampers. Between 12:00-13:00z I decide to make the PA1O mod. After for more than 50 screws and few desoldering-soldering, modification made and radio goes back to opening for test.
YAESU FT-847 opened...

 Now I got 75 watts for 9-11 Amps. Looks a small success...!! No any bad reports so far. 

Audio "looks" also nice from my ham friends recordings...!!

Tnx to Erwin DK5EW


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