Saturday, May 18, 2013

Best ever Es season so far...

Incredible openings all May on 6m and 4m....Hope tommorrow to get 2m also. All predictions shows a "big bang" on 2m....

518 QSOs for a about 8 hours  Es opening.  
I lost much time searching and CQing on 4m but results was beatiful.

The pictures above shows the progress of Es on 4m...

Special thanks to my friend Matej (OK1TEH) for DX Cluster support 
and tests on 4m. I manage to work him QRPP with 5 watts 
and a 435 MHz rubber duck antenna from his side....!!!! 
MP3 of QSO with OK1TEH here

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Italian afternoon on 6m...

262 Italian stations today on 6m most of them new calls.
I really enjoy the big signals (90%) and the brodcast style modulations. 

Thanks guys....

Monday, May 13, 2013

Easter Holidays...

Great time for relaxing and many hours on radios.  
Propagation makes many surprises specially on 6 and 4m.
More than 2.000 QSOs most of them on HF.

Thanks to all my ham friends for call and QSOs.

Please check my QSL policy at this blog and 

For those who asking what the "PayPal Donate" means on the 
upper right side of home page at my blog and on last line at 
my QRZ profile, it's simply the best way for many friends 
to give their returning fee. 

I put it there because you ask for it.

TNX 73s