Friday, August 23, 2013

J45EME update 2 ...

Antenna preparing, assembling and tuning....

We try to be ready before the moon rise tonight....!!!


  1. Hi Guys - hope you are QRV on 50MHz moonrise tonight 23/9 and can stay on until at least 25deg as my moonrise not until 20:10Z GL and have a great time 73 Peter G8BCG

  2. Great job, looking forward to work you on 432 and 1296 MHz. GL and 73 OK1DFC

  3. Admire your ability to install all the equipment for three bands in such a short time, great job. I was happy to work you on 2m tonight, very nice and stable signal.
    Thank you for the great DXspedition and new DXCC for me.
    Best 73 Ivan OK1IL

  4. Fine , exciting ...
    Congrats on your efforts Mike and others, keep going !
    I had similar plans all my life , but life had different ideas of how to make my life,hi!
    Hope to CUL on VHF soon!

    Todor(Ted) Z31RM

  5. Frank, Carsten and team,

    Thanks for DXCC nr 103 on 144 MHz - I really appreciate
    it that you were prepared to work me QRP and with my vertical

    The 4 hrs it took was worth it - thanks for a great EME expedition - have fun and a safe trip home

    Sorry I missed you guys on 432 MHz