Thursday, January 26, 2012

J45K at 7th place in DXpedition category...!!!

This year the SV9 DX team and SV5BYR we are number 7   in dxpedition category!!
Thank you for the helping us to move further.

This team is getting better and better!! Hope to continue and this year to do one step more.

Also the team SY9M from Crete are in first place on fixed category!
Congratulations !!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

There is no meters like SIX meters...!!!

Winter Es is true....!!!
I miss the half opening but I manage to make some QSOs. Some of them over 2000 Kilometers.

Here is the QSOs:

And here is the opening map:
(Curtesy of ON4KST)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holidays Operation Results....

During my holidays ( 23-DEC to 15-JAN )to my alternative QTH at south part of Rhodes island,  I share my time to Family, Garden, Relaxing and of-course Ham Radio.
The operation result is 3.133 QSOs mostly on CW and RTTY at WARC bands. Totally 89 Countries worked and here is the graphic Statistics:

Bad moment the blowing of the driver transistors of  Kenwood TS-2000  but thanks to my good friend Gregory (SV5KJR) who send me his radio (TS-480SAT) I mange to continue my holidays operation. Thanks once mate...!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Common fail...(!)

My Holidays are extented untill 15-1-2012 at my 2nd QTH.

Unfortunatelly at 4th of January my TS-2000 was fail on TX. No power on HF-VHF and OK at 6m and UHF. Searching on groups that's  related to my radio on Internet I find many info about it.  (Blown a pair of 2SC1972 drivers and a board fuse)
Finally as people says is a common failure for many of TS-2000 owners....(!)
Thanks to my good friend SV5KJR I replace my radio with another Kenwood the TS-480SAT.

This week I'll be active on CW and SSB but NO RTTY mostly on WARC bands. 

See you all and sorry for the 2 days break...hi hi