Monday, July 9, 2012

SV5KKR on AEGEAN VHF Contest 2012...

This year I decide to stay out of competition on any band at AEGEAN VHF Contest and for first time my son Manos try on 6m band after his upgrade from SW (category 2) to SV (Category 1) prefix due the low for Radiomateurs change.
Yet another time we use our alternative QTH for AEGEAN Contest at KM36vc. At Saturday propagation goes just fine and he manage to make 180 QSOs. Sunday was a propagation disaster. No propagation at all and only 10 stations. A small opening to SP, OM for all day !!! Total 190 QSOs for Manos and hopes for a good rank...

Late the night on Sunday a good friend send me a link from YouTube about Manos:


  1. Iam glad to see young HAM'S in AEGEAN CONTEST.
    Good Luck in the contest.

  2. He jfollow us on AEGEAN Contest before his succes on Ham Radio exams. From 9 years old and when we made it from the mountains..!!!