Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sporadic is back again.....!!!!

Conditions the last 3-4 days was very bad.... Also my shack was a mesh. My PC burned and thanks god I manage to save my disks. It takes me 3 days to put everything again into my computer and when I equalize the situation I decide to call CQ again on 6m.  Good opening and signals on my S-meter.
Later I decide to move on 4m and the coditions was cool too.... 

Big suprise the QSO on 4m with my good friend Leo SV2DCD. 
 Watch the video:

and here from Leo's shack....

But the best comes at the end...!!! Listening on 2m on 15:40 I hear the first station on 144.300  ...IZ4AIK !!!

About 30 QSOs mostly with I, and some with 9A and S5.

...and the map

Click on map for larger picture.

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