Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My 2m transverter....

Searching the Ebay I show this auction:

Up for sale the 144 to 28 mhz No-Tune transverter board. It had been invented and built by one of our Ukrainean HAMs. The transverter has been tested and it works very good. And I can assure you it does. With this transverter you can operate on the 144-146 mhz band useing any type of HF radio at 28 to 30 mhz. You should apply only 100 mWt (0.1 Watts) to it on 10m band to get 10-12 W output power on 2m band. There is no antenna relay required. This auction is included the completely built and tested transverter board and the schematic diagram of the transverter. I made a translation from Russian to English and printed the text there on the back side of the sheet. There is No-Tune transverter. You should only place the board onto the radiator get necessary connection and it's ready to operate. This transverter so small that you can even place it inside your HF radio! Below the basic information about this transverter: The power voltage is 12 V. The Input RF power on 28mhz is about 100mWt (0.1 Watts). Output power on 144 mhz is 10-12 W LO freq is 116 mhz and the crystal it already installed on the board. TX Output transistor is RD15HVF1 RX Input transistor is BF998 PTT to ground. The size of the board is 7cm x 3.5cm The lot does not include the heatsink , power and RF connectors, wires or cables. To get the transverter worked you have to do some soldering works with a cables , wires and connectors. Probably some instruments would be required. I ship Worldwide from the Ukraine by Airmail with insurance and provide a tracking number that can be easily tracked through the Internet here. Usually shipping takes up to two weeks but it can be more or less delivery time depending on how quickly the package goes through Customs Thanks for watching my auction.
Knowing that Spyros SV8CS is looking for something like this for his remote station I call and inform him about the transverter....  Few minutes later Spyros make an order for the last two items. I thought that "is to cheap to be good" but the price (50 $) was too low for a second think. 
After 10 days the transverters arrives and last night (due to bad propagation on 6 and 4m) I decide to put it in a box.
My good friend George SV5KJO find and unusual but finally very ergonomic box from an old B/W CCD camera. I put out the junk and I have a nice box and guess what ...with PWR plug and a BNC for the IF input!!!
A spare hole filled with an RCA plug that is necessary for PPT and a new hole for the antenna PL connector. Before the metal work I make the wire work carefully as you can see on pictures ....
I disconect my ME4T 4m transverter from my FT-2000 and just put the plugs to the new 2m transverter. A short breath and fired up the Yaesu. I tuned directly to SV5VHF/b frequency at 144.850 (well is on 144.847 excactly...) and the keying from beacon comes clear and loud to my headphones with S-4. Unpluging the antenna from transverter and out it to FT-817 a see S-5....  Thats good news...
Tune to local repeater on FM the signal comes +40.   Also good news. The RX part is fine. No birdies no unusual sounds and signals.  And all functions and filters of FT-2000 is available....!!!
I make my tests on transmit also. Starting with CW the crispy clear sound of my keying comes out on my IC-7000 receiver and the frequency is also stable. No drifts so far. 
QSYing to local repeater again and optimizing the FM Mic Gain on FT-2000 menu I meet again on random George SV5KJO going to work.... The first thing that noticed is the " FB Audio" He comment also the clear signal. I explain to him that his box is filled with the small transverter .... "I nedd one of this too"....   

I think this small transverter is a diamond.  The price is too low and I don't know why the guy who make them decide to stop his pruduct.

Again thanks to my good friend Spyros SV8CS and George SV5KJO for their help ...


  1. You must clean the box Mike... HI-HI-HI

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  3. Good afternoon. I bought the same transverter, but I do not have 10 w TX. The voltage at the TX mixer from oscilator - 0.9!

    Valdas LY3E

    1. Hi,
      i am waiting for my transverter and was hoping for some feedback as to how they are performing and the stability of the xtal.

      Steve vk4ADA

  4. l bought one of these transverters for 4 metres and found that although the receive works ok, the transmit only gives about 1 watt output at the wrong frequency (69mhz instead of 70.4mhz). when l removed the drive, it still gave out 1watt at 69mhz! l have since stripped out the power amplifier and use it to drive a separate linear.
    My friend also bought one and this has the wrong crystal in it (21mhz) this one gives out 6 watts at 67Mhz so more power but still on the wrong frequency. There were also many other faults on these units especially dry joints with components actually falling off the pcb when touched.
    My advice is to steer clear of these.

  5. I have recently bought the 2m version. Receive is great on all modes, although I find that people are commenting on me drifting a little when transmitting on ssb. I think its great for the price, but needs some work on stability to make it great

  6. Great transverter, very sensitive reception using TS-480, I hear better than Icom 7000.
    To avoid frequency drifting just put the final transistor on a bigger and massive heatsink, I think the case is not enough for 10W linear amplifier.