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FT-2000 transverter split frequency (SOLUTION)

Gredits goes to G0UWK and many thanks to 
G4ASR for his Ham Spirit.

Here is his reply to my request and the clever solution:

Sent: Thursday, 4 August, 2011 17:24:07
Subject: de G0UWK
Bit long winded David but bear with the instructions,
Hope they make sense to you, it only takes a few mins to sort but took me 45 mins to write up!

Step 1- enabling the rig’s transverter mode
Switch the radio on
Press the menu button and use the main VFO dial to navigate to menu number 124
(This is the menu that allows band skipping and you need to turn on the “my band” if it is not already enabled)
Turn the SUB vfo dial until you see either AU  E   or   AU d in the green display area
If AU E comes up then that parameter is set correctly if AU d comes up then
Press the ENT key once and AU d should change to AU E
Press and hold the menu key to save the changes.

Step 2- enabling ptt ground jack
Navigate to menu 146 if the green display reads EnA this function is already enabled if it reads dis
rotate the sub VFO until the display changes to EnA.
Press and hold the menu key to save the changes.

Step 3 – offset frequency display
Navigate to menu 36
Rotate the sub VFO to the desired offset, the choice is only between 30-49mhz (mine is set to 44)
You could perhaps set yours to read 40 or 30.
Press and hold the menu key to save the changes.

Navigating around.
To bring up transverter operation you will need to use the sub VFO dial as a band selector as there is no direct input key like there is for all the other bands
This rig has its own “my Band” for transverter operation, do not use the standard 28mhz key ! and this is how you can guarantee not to blow the transverter it’s really neat.
This will only work when its selected to do so, this is where things can get confusing.
The sub VFO can be programmed to do many different things and if its set in the wrong mode you will either be stuck in transverter mode, or stuck on H.F. wondering how to get to transverter mode.
First of all if the large orange semi circle is lit up to the right of the sub VFO dial it means the SUB VFO is active as a secondary VFO and not a band selector (which you need)
Press the bottom right hand button at the far right of the rig labelled A/B, the orange light should go out and one of the four buttons to the left of the sub VFO will light up, press the top one labelled BAND
It should light up red.
Now use the sub VFO dial to navigate through all the H.F. bands until you get to 50mhz, the next band up should be your desired transverter mode and it will read 30.?????? Or 40.?????? Whatever you decided to put in the offset.
That’s it, once it’s in that mode ANT A and ANT B will not produce any RF, so you can leave your 28mhz ant connected to either and connect  RX ANT for 28mhz I.F. to your transverter and the TVR port for 28mhz I.F. Transmit
(remember to switch on RX Antenna on the front panel when in transverter mode)
Hope it makes sense,
It works a treat, the Sub VFO then works as a band selector, you just turn it to whatever band you desire.
If you want to use 70mhz dual rx put the rig in transverter mode press the A/B button press the green LED on the sub VFO marked RX turn up both volume controls and away you go, remembering to press A/B when you have finished otherwise the Sub VFO can’t be used to band select again.

My scribbled notes ... (probably doesnt anything to you)
Enable gen cov rx
Select when on sub-vfo
In gen coverage set vfo-b to 27.950
set tnvtr mode - left hand 'band'
but if i make A=B it stops at 40MHz so (top right) band, select 28mhz (27.950)
deselect (top right) band).

 de G4ASR

 Sorry for my English but Im sure that you will undestund ....

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