Thursday, May 31, 2012

That can happen only at Greece....!!!!


On video above the lawyer of SV5/DJ6SI explain how the Greek court charge the German Radio amateur for his transmissions from Kos  island.  

They arrest him and (as he said)  he try to hang himself with a belt during the police operation....!!!
Unbelievable story for us all in Radio amateur Community. 
I wrote to him an E-mail just to say sorry and to be as an witness at court just to explain  to court what the Amateur Radio is.

All those years from 1962 till today
70 countries all over the world and only in Greece the authorities think that the man was a SPY....!!!!

I'm calling all radio amateurs to accept my sorry about this.

Also remind to all ham friends before to come Greece and after finishing the paper work to contact some local ham(s) to avoid possibly situation like this.

SV5BYR   Mike


  1. I enjoyed to stay in SV5. Shit can Greece and also in other places.
    But this teach to everyboty a lesson...anyway.

  2. The story is now on my website too. I am sure the Romanian hams will wait eagerly for good news about the great DXpeditioner who enjoyed so many of us with his tremendous activity over the years.
    Best wishes!
    Francisc, YO4PX

  3. Mr. Drobnica not have good history -,5924612

    73 9A7PJT

  4. Mr. Drobnica not have good history -,5924612

    73 9A7PJT

  5. 9A7PJT

    if i just was shot by unknown forces i would run from press as well.

    he was member of a inward directed "protection of constitution" agency, which monitors domestic extremists
    in order to prevent a hitler V2 or stalin V2.

    That agency does not send spies anywhere, for that task
    germany has the "BND".

    So that press article is full of bullshit.

    Do proper research, or ask a german. Someone
    with a 30 meter long wire antenna widely visible outside of the building, and a european (CEPT) license transmitting
    RTTY - is a fucking lousy spy if you ask me... i would
    at least have used an indoor antenna if i wanted to
    transmit secrets to.. umm wait, a fellow EU country...
    why would germany spy on greece, and even more interesting would be the answer to what fucking secrets could anyone be interested about since the death of aristoteles?

    dont you think germany has more classy spies at their disposal if they wanted to spie on allies?