Monday, January 9, 2012

Common fail...(!)

My Holidays are extented untill 15-1-2012 at my 2nd QTH.

Unfortunatelly at 4th of January my TS-2000 was fail on TX. No power on HF-VHF and OK at 6m and UHF. Searching on groups that's  related to my radio on Internet I find many info about it.  (Blown a pair of 2SC1972 drivers and a board fuse)
Finally as people says is a common failure for many of TS-2000 owners....(!)
Thanks to my good friend SV5KJR I replace my radio with another Kenwood the TS-480SAT.

This week I'll be active on CW and SSB but NO RTTY mostly on WARC bands. 

See you all and sorry for the 2 days break...hi hi

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