Thursday, October 20, 2011

Japan pileups on 10m....

After long time this morning i turn my antennas to Japan.
I work mostly on 10m CW, SSB and RTTY. Great signals on big pileups at all modes with Japanese operators to respect the game of DX.
I really enjoy it....

Here is a video with the pileup on 10m CW...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10m FM...

10m traffic was incredible last afternoon. Loads of signal comes across the Atlantic Ocean and after long time I try a shot to FM mode. Europeans sounds like local 2m stations and many stations of United States comes with signals around S-9. Her is the QSO video with K0JY...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend RTTY activity...

Last week end my RTTY activity is not focused at JARTS RTTY Contest but to those who "hate" (?) the QRM of contest activity on bands and they try to make regular QSOs at WARC bands. The conditions was great and more than 300 QSOs made on 12, 17 and 30m bands.

Specialy on 12m (where the most QSOs made) this period offer nice openings to NA and big signals.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Remote HF station

My first attempt with remoting was using the Ham Radio Deluxe software and a 24 hours working PC at remote site at SV5KJR ham shack back to 2006. Searching thru the Internet for equipment that can make my remote site working without a PC I found several equipment with high prices and lot of hours of programming e.t.c In a forum of this equipment a guy fro Norway advice me the new (at that time)
I surprised (almost shocked) seeing that I was looking for and more than I expected... So I decide to buy a pair of a RRC-1258 Version I that cost as a good VHF-UHF base station and it offers to me more ...."ham adrenaline"... hi hi
The project is a standalone pair of interfaces that pass thru Internet the commands to radio and bidirectional audio. If your radio have removable head the "human interface" gets more ...friendly.

After my firsts tests for 6 about six months I leave the project due to non Internet connectivity at my alternative QTH where I was planed to make the remote installation. Two months later I decide to sell the RRC-1258 Version I to a good ham friend.
When the Internet comes to my alternative QTH I decide to make it again this time with the newer version of RemoteRig the RRC-1258MkIIs  with Dual RX capability that is "compatible" with my Kenwood TS-2000. Having the knowledge from the previous attempt was a snap to put it working. 

This time Im on tests specially on lower bands where I have antennas to play at my remote site and trying to improve the audio codecs decision for easy work. 
A short description of command station at the next video:

 If you have problems with urban amateur radio installations or you want to have one more setup available to your shack for many reasons then the RemoteRig is for you. 

* My remote installation is made for personal educational reasons.  For more info visit the RemoteRig web page.