Saturday, July 30, 2011

J45K rest members just came...!!!

J45K ready...!!!!

Team is ready to run IOTA contest. The rest operators just come today by plane. (SV9GPV, SV9COL, SV9OFS).....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"5-9 Report" new volume is on-line...!!!

The new volume of 5-9 Report Web Magazine is on-line.
Check it at HERE

Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to KM35 (Kasos island)...

Same QTH as now. "Sunset Apartments".
My simple Setup. FT-817 and HRD for Log
My dipole (under shadow) antenna
After 2 years I'm return to Kasos island this time with J45K team mixed with SV9 and SV5 operators.
Last time was at June 16 2009 when I went to Kasos for QRL. At afternoon I was using my FT-817
and a simple dipole at 2m high and manage to work many European stations for 3 days. This is historically the first
activation of the island on 6m and 2m band.
Now we have first the challenge of IOTA contest and then right before and after the contest period, to work if is possible on 6m, 4m, and 2m.
Hope to hear you.....

(one of J45K crew)  

Monday, July 18, 2011

<< J 4 5 K >> I.O.T.A. DXpedition....

This year a team from Crete ( the known RASC DX Group) and SV5BYR (me) and SW5KKR (my son Manos) will visit Kasos island (EU-001) to run IOTA Contest.
Is the first time that SV9 and SV5 Operators do a common effort in a contest.

For the days before and after the contest operations are planned to activate the KM35 Locator.

Team plan to be active on 6m, 4m, 2m even on 1,2 GHz if is any tropo conditions.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

K1SIX, W1JJ and VP5/W5CW into the log at KM36vc.....

Here is the FB QSO with Mick W1JJ that we make 2 times... the second one for the video you see...hi hi   Great Conditions....

And few minutes later on an unexcpected opening
the....VP5/W5CW first on CW and then on SSB also....
Here is a part of QSO on SSB.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This year SV9 DX Team with co-operation of SV5BYR (we hope for more participants from SV5 land) going to Kasos island for this year IOTA Contest. The well known team will operate from Kasos Island EU-001. The first team with the equipment will be on island on Tuesday 26th of July. Also will do 2m operation from SW5KKR Mike's SV5BYR's son!

KM35KJ is a rare square....!!!

Φέτος το παρεάκι το SV9 dx team αποφάσισε να αφήσει για λίγο το αγαπημένο του νησί και να περάσει το φετινό IOTA Contest παρέα με αγαπητούς φίλους από την αδελφική Ρόδο στο νησί της Κάσου. Ελπίζουμε να σας ακούσουμε και φέτος!!!
Επιτέλους 5-9 εν τη ενώση !!!! 


Sunday, July 10, 2011

DJ5MN and family at KM36vc....

Last afternoon Bernie and his family visit us at alternative QTH (KM36vc)
Lot of "Shouma"and beers and good company. My good friend Lakis (SV5KKU) bring Bernie and his girls to the village and we have a nice afternoon. 
Late the night we visit the "WaterMelon festival" about 7 Km away to the next village.

Friday, July 8, 2011

American afternoon....

Nice opening to USA but unfortunately I miss the much fun....
Returning home from QRL I manage to work few Americans....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

DJ5MN Bernie visit us on SZ5RDS local Ham Club ....


Last afternoon at local Club meeting a good friend comes to visit us. Bernie DJ5MN spend his holidays on our island with his family and he is also active on HF using his portable HF station.
Guide in service for Bernie is another good friend Lakis (SV5KKU) from Lindos village who makes the transfer also to Rhodes town.

Lot of fellow hams passing at club meeting and see Bernie also. 

On pictures you can see the gifts exchange between President (SV5AZK) and Bernie who accept also a T-shirt with the logo of our Association.

Monday, July 4, 2011

SW5KKR on AEGEAN VHF Contest 2011....

Once on "AEGEAN VHF Contest" for 10th year, me and my son Manos (SW5KKR) we run it from our alternative QTH at South part of the island of Rhodes.
Manos have focus at 2m SSB as his licensed permits and me on 6m CW.
The little guy on picture is my younger son Konstantinos-Marcellos who is very interested about radios too. (so far he makes experimental transmissions at PMR band with his mother)

Results for SW5KKR it looks good with very poor conditions the first day and a lucky opening for only one station with Sporadic E at France. On Tropo he make a lot of SV9's and couple 9H's and 4X's. Stations from SV1 (Athens area) also pass with weak signals but workable.
Good friends from SV5 land also give him few QSOs.  No "big bang" on 2m and and no taste of many DX QSOs on 2m for  Manos....
On 6m the conditions at first day was poor also and late the afternoon with my XYL we make a big break having some "Retsina" wine at the nearest village.... No surprises late the night when I came back to radios.
At Sunday nothing promises something good early the morning and all game start  to be nice late the afternoon when and the Americans pass....
For couple of hours were really nice to work all around Europe with great signals. Thanks all people who support me working me and spotting me on DX Cluster.

Thanks also all my fellows on SV5 (except one ham visitor in KOS) who understood that a contest is contest for someone who work only CW and they make all their QSOs on SSB helping me to collect points and no QRM from them.
Thanks guys...!!! See you next year...

 SV5BYR Mike

Sunday, July 3, 2011

AEGEAN VHF Contest 2011 and... USA.

N4IS on my receiver just before lost him into the noise...
After him follows K4RX, N3LL, PJ76 and HI3TEJ...!!!

Friday night SUPER DX on 2m...

Just when we arrived with my family to KM36vc, I opened radio on 2m calling frequency ....No signals at all...   Guys from Crete (abt 300 Km away) was spotted on DX Cluster from all over Europe...  Here nothing just noise...
 Working on seperation of 2 station for the "Aegean VHF Contest" I put voice keyer to call  CQ....  After 10 min a weak signal comes out of noise sounds like ..."Golf Whiskey Seven Sier.....  1 minute later was into the log and complete.
GW7SMV Jamie...!!!
Distance    2.976 Km

Friday, July 1, 2011

"AEGEAN VHF Contest" this weekend...

This weekend 2 & 3 of July we run the "AEGEAN VHF Contest" like every year.
More info to the site of "5-9 Report" web magazine HERE