Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to KM35 (Kasos island)...

Same QTH as now. "Sunset Apartments".
My simple Setup. FT-817 and HRD for Log
My dipole (under shadow) antenna
After 2 years I'm return to Kasos island this time with J45K team mixed with SV9 and SV5 operators.
Last time was at June 16 2009 when I went to Kasos for QRL. At afternoon I was using my FT-817
and a simple dipole at 2m high and manage to work many European stations for 3 days. This is historically the first
activation of the island on 6m and 2m band.
Now we have first the challenge of IOTA contest and then right before and after the contest period, to work if is possible on 6m, 4m, and 2m.
Hope to hear you.....

(one of J45K crew)  

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