Saturday, July 31, 2010

Suturday morning MS list...

Here is my morning list:

YO5PLD         -----  NIL
HA2VR             ----  NIL
DH6JL              NO TEST
IK1PAG           NO TEST
YO5AVN          NO TEST
OE3FVU           NO TEST
LZ2PI              NO TEST
HA1FV             NO TEST
YU7TRI          Q    S     O
YO7NE            ----  NIL
YO5PLD          NO TEST
IQ3AZ             NO TEST

Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekend MS Activity from KM36VC...

Once will be active on MS this weekend from my 2nd QTH (KM36VC) as SV5BYR/5. No requests for sced via E-mail pse. As long Im qrv on ON4KST chat you can ask me to make a test. I hope that rocks will be more frequent this weekend becuse we are more close to Perseids peak.

 Best 73s and hope to see you on my screen...

5-9 Report web magazine July on-line...

The new volume (104) of First Web Ham Radio Magazine in Greece is on-line at Magazine's Web page

one of Aegean DX Group

Monday, July 26, 2010


Over 200 QSLs are left to finish my QSLing that comes mostly from 2010 May-June-July QSOs at 6m and 2m Sporadic E openings. Thats the reason Im not active so often on bands last days...
Please be patiend. Maybe it takes me some more time to answer you but the QSL it comes 100%.
Best 73s to all...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

MS conditions and QSOs this weekend....

Conditions here at KM36VC are perfect.  No noise at all and weather is hot from time to time.



Friday, July 23, 2010

Meteor Scatter activity from KM36VC...

Every weekend and the period between 13-25 of August stations SV5BYR/5 and SW5KKR/5 will be active from KM36VC in meteor scatter using WSJT software, TS-2000 with 100 watts and a 13 elements yagi (13B2 from Cushcraft). Antenna is located 10m above ground level.
We have open horizon from 170 to 5 degrees so there is no problem for Central and Western Europe stations.
Sceds are welcome using only ON4KST chat and during the present of operators there. If there is any 6m Es the priority given to Magic Band operation. Best regards and hope to work you during Perseids.

73s  SV5BYR (Mike)    SW5KKR (Manos)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

AEGEAN VHF Contest 2010

This year we run separate with Manos (SW5KKR).
Manos was run 2m SSB and me on 6m CW.

Konstantinos helping Manos to clean the Antenna a day before...
Lot of "hard" work from my sons...

2m antenna is up...
...and 6m also.  NOW we are READY...!!!

the 6m  operation site   IC-7000 and a ACER Netbook...
 Manos SW5KKR calling CQ using DVK...

2nd QTH antennas....

2nd QTH antennas

2m: 13B2 Cushcraft,
6m: 5jxx6 5 elements yagi,
HF: FD-4 Windom antenna


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